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                          The Church of  Sta. Maria Maggiore

The Santuario della Spogliazione (Sanctuary of the Spoliation) is located in the Chiesa di S. Maria Maggiore, next to the Bishop’s – the ancient Cathedral of Assisi where S. Francesco received baptism.

The Santuario della Spogliazione was born in the place where the Poor Man of Assisi took off his rich clothes in front of his father Pietro di Bernardone, in order to wear the “habit of the poor”. Still, it is not clear if this episode took place exactly in front of the church or inside the Bishop’s – Sala della Spogliazione (Room of the Spoliation) –, or even inside the cloister of the palace.

St. Mary Major.jpg
Our Lady of Fatima
Cross Street
Street going to the Chapel of Sta. Maria Maggiore
Fountain for Birds
Façade of Sta. Maria Maggiore
Welcome Sign
BCA and Jesus Christ painting
Main Entrance
Gothic Cross
Entrance to the Main Altar
Jesus Christ on the Cross with Mama Mary and St. John
Main Altar
Altar Table
Our Lady of Madonna
The Stripping of Jesus Christ
Mama Mary
BCA We love you
Last glimpse to BCA
May you also infect the tile story of our lives BCA

He was buried in the cemetery in Assisi in accordance with his wishes.  In January 2019, the mortal remains of the Blessed Carlo Acutis, were exhumed in accord with Canon Law and transferred to a suitable location (reportedly the Capuchin Monastery in Assisi).  Then on April 6, 2019 his body was moved to its permanent place inside the Church of Saint Mary Major (not the one in Rome…this one is in Assisi)  in a chapel Santuario della Spogliazione (the Shrine of the Stripping).  His tomb remains there at this time.

Entering the Tomb Relic of BCA
At the foot of BCA
BCA Leap of Faith His Tile Story
BCA Tomb Stone
Front view of  BCA
Tomb of CA Amici labelled
Carlo Acutis Tomb
BCA logo from the Jesuits
BCA Incorruptible Body
BCA Looks like sleeping
Zooming BCA
JHS Logo dedicated to BCA
Jesus and the Eucharist
BCA Holding a Rosary
Side View of BCA
At the Knee of BCA as we pray
BCA Pray for us
BCA Sampita
BCA Offering  and Prayer Box
Eucharist is the Highway to Heaven
Old Tomb of BCA
BCA intercede for us
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