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History of SBCA

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We, the Sodality of Blessed Carlo Acutis (SBCA) was virtually and officially established by Sir Knight Amir Nasser Salamat, SBCA, a Knight of Columbus, through the spiritual guidance of the late Msgr. Timoteo Jose M. Ofrasio, SJ at Baclayon, Bohol, The Philippines on the 12th of  October 2020 during the first feast day of Blessed Carlo Acutis.


SBCA is presently based in Asia with more than 37,000 avid member and devotees and still growing across the continents as of  June 2023.


It  is the result of the 5th and 6th National Catholic Media Conferences in the Philippines which paved the way in the propagation and  devotion to Blessed Carlo Acutis.


Sir Knight Salamat was one of the delegates of the Archdiocese of Lipa to the 5th National Catholic Media in 2019 representing the business sectors of the Province of Batangas and the Diocese of Tagbilaran representing Katolikong Katutubong Filipino in 2020. 


Through the pastoral motivation, empowerment and encouragement of Most Reverend Gilbert A. Garcera, DD of the Archdiocese of Lipa, Most Reverend Marcelino Antonio M. Maralit, DD of the Diocese of Boac and of Most Reverend Mylo Huberto C. Vergara of the Diocese of Pasig during the 5th National Catholic Media Conference on 6 – 9 August 2019 at Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas, The Philippines, the advent of the foundation of SBCA was born.


The the inputs, lectures and sharing of all the conference speakers were the basic core of the SBCA foundation that everyone should be involved for the salvation of humanity, which  Jesus Christ Great Commission, commands to make disciples of  all nations and the undying  selfless love of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ shed his blood on the cross to redeem us .


Reverend Father Luciano Felloni, a missionary Argentinian priest now based at the Diocese of Kalookan also gave a great impact to the conference delegates to use the social media as avenue to proclaim the Word of God and to expound “faith news” not “fake news”. He guided Sir Knight Salamat to invite the youth as cyber missionaries of faith.


Reverend Father Vincent Louisse Ruaya of the Diocese of Surigao encouraged to use the social media as invitation for the youth to enter priesthood and religious life and to love and to support vocation in all its aspects.


Reverend Father Laureano Faraon, OP also supported to have the online media as an effective way to reach out to people for catechism and evangelization.


Reverend Father Philippe Andrew Balmas Gallanosa of the Diocese of Sorsogon was the one who suggested to create a Facebook group for "Come and See" of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ which is now the Sodality of Blessed Carlo Acutis in Facebook.


Hence, all these priests are considered as founding Fathers of SBCA.


Today, SCBA members from across the continents are here as modern evangelizers and cyber missionaries of the world using the Internet in accordance to the teachings of the Catholic Church.


Official Launching of SBCA Website will be on 08 September 2021, the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


We use the Internet to spread the love of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to all regardless of creed, race, geographical background, social status and gender through the intercessions of Blessed Carlo Acutis and the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Sancta Dei Genitrix.


Our Servant Council - General (2021 – 2025) composes of devotees from Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Presently and spiritually guided by a Franciscan priest and diocesan priests.


Sancta Dei Genitrix, pray for us!

Blessed Carlo Acutis, pray for us!

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