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SBCA Ministries

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SBCA Catechetical Ministry

 CM Is responsible for connecting and maintaining network communications with parish directors and coordinators of religious education and being a resource for them, through various facets of the Internet, Provides virtual formation, talks, retreats and workshops to parishes and Vicariates along with the SBCA Servant Council for guidance and support to parish catechetical programs, Represents SBCA for meetings for Religious Education. The Catechetical Ministry is also the formator of Cyber-missionaries around the world. To help the SBCA Youth Minister in the formation of Catholic Youth Groups by creating Teaching modules to be used by the Catholic Youth Groups for their parishes and propagate the Good News, 7 Sacraments, prayer life (Rosary) and devotion to Blessed Carlo Acutis

Contact: Sister Cynthia Villarico, SBCA

Mobile: (+63) 9431351543

SBCA Outreach Ministry

Outreach ministry is the Church at work in progress or fulfilling its mission in God’s name, stretching out through wider or extended community without boundaries. Our daily lives are filled with outreach ministry, whether or not we have a formal role or calling  in the Church. As Catholic Christians, we engage in outreach whenever we answer our baptismal call by serving the needs of others. Parishes celebrate and support outreach ministry so many different ways as they have people. SBCA Youth Ministry, Blessed Carlo Acutis likes visiting  the sick, homeless and the  nobody. BCA has used his gifts to reach, the vast majority of Christian by sharing his expertise as a programmer and building a website of worldwide miracles and cataloguing them, for the nation to see that the

Holy Trinity  is alive in us. Outreach programme such as Feeding, Eucharistic Pantry, Thrift Store and other outreach programme of SBCA

Contact: Bro. Elbert Jhon Catli, SBCA

Cavaleri di Acutis &
Senoras de la Sodalidad
(SBCA Youth Ministry)

 The SBCA Catholic Youth Ministry is commonly referred to as SBCA Catholic Youth Group, is an age-specific religious ministry of Catholic or Christian faith groups or other religious organizations, usually from ages 12 to 30, whose mission is to involve young people in their local parishes and become devotees to BCA and the Blessed Sacrament, pray the rosary and be equipped with BEC formation. Encourage to use their spheres of  expertise bind with the  7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Engage and create Catholic Youth Groups in there locality and nurturing them through the Catholic faith and fulfilling the Mission of Jesus Christ and Blessed Carlo Acutis

Contact: Fr. Charley Hilary, SBCA

Mobile: (+675) 70672883

SBCA Music Ministry

The SBCA music ministry uses music in some way to serve God.  Service to God through the music ministry is generally expressed as service to the  SBCA organization. Encouraging Catholic believers, supporting them, praising and worshipping God and sharing the customs and traditions of the Catholic faith with nonbelievers through songs and lyrics are all responsibilities of a music ministry. It also encompasses and encourage young or adult Catholic or Christian songwriters

Contact:  Sister Samantha Montoya, SBCA 

Mobile: +1 (707) 2235646

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SBCA Family Ministry

Family ministry recognizes that parents are ultimately responsible for the spiritual guidance of their children, regardless of where they are on their own faith journey. The SBCA is to support them in that effort. Parents have a much greater influence than churches and a true family ministry does not fight against that. Instead, it uses that influence wisely. It also help in the spiritual formation of each family member.

Contact: Bro. Prince Salamat, SBCA


Mobile: (+63) 9512347802

Mobile: (+63) 9052166817

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Solitary Ministry

They are single people who deliberately chose to be single as they have discerned that is their vocation: single blessedness. Some are ex-seminarians or nuns who continued the calling outside the confines of the seminary or convent.

Contact: Bro. Marvin Salvador, SBCA

Mobile: (+63) 9272351765

Lay Ministers

Authorization of lay ministry is the process by which lay persons in the Church are chosen/selected/designated and properly prepared to undertake certain recognized activities or offices in the Church and are allowed to do so by a competent ecclesiastical authority. They serve the Church but are not ordained. Lay ecclesial ministers are co-workers with the bishop

alongside priests and deacons.

Contact: Bro. Andy Ureta, SBCA


Mobile: (+63) 9177341584

Mobile: (+63) 9984842111

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