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The Sodality of Blessed Carlo Acutis (SBCA) Love for the Most Holy Eucharist, Jesus & Mary, Praying the Holy Rosary, Reading the Bible as our faith expressions and testimony of the richness of our Catholic faith, to be lived and shared    to  others as  SBCA  Catholic Cybermissionaries around the world. 
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9 Days Novena  in honour of Blessed Carlo Acutis 



Official Website Link of Blessed Carlo Acutis 

Blessed Carlo Acutis  Official
Website and  Links

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The  Hair Relic of
Blessed Carlo Acutis @ Our Lady of Dolours 
Parish in Fulham,Chelsea , United Kingdam
where BCA was baptise



Calendar of Activities

Heart Relic BCA_edited.png

The  Heart Relic of
Blessed Carlo Acutis 



“All are born as Originals yet many die as Photocopies”

Blessed Carlo Acutis

Image by Josh Applegate
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Do you need prayer requests or intention? We the SBCA will pray for you, through the intercession of Blessed Carlo Acutis, kindly click the link for prayer requests

Prayer for the Canonization of  Blessed Carlo Acutis

O God, Our Father, thank you for giving us Carlo,
a life example for the young, and a message of love for everyone.
You made him become enamoured  with your Son Jesus,

Making of the Eucharist his “Highway to Heaven.”
You gave him Mary, as a most loving  Mother, and with the Rosary,
you made him a poet of her tenderness. Receive his prayer for us.
Above all, gaze upon the poor, whom he loved and helped.

Grant  for me too, by his intercession, the grace that I need.. (mention your intention)
And make our joy filled, placing Carlo among the Saints of your Church,
so that his smile may shine again for us to the glory of your name.


Say one: "Our Father", "Hail Mary,  "Glory be to God"

Imprimatur + Domenico Sorrentino
Bishop of Assisi – Nocera Umbra – Gualdo Tadino

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